Episode 69: Claire Burns, Actress and Comedian

On this week's special s'more episode, Maddie is joined by Claire Burns (@clairelbs) to discuss being on a UCB house team, dating rejection, repeating fashion trends, technology addictions, the beauty industry, living in Tennessee, working in email marketing, the original WeWork and the WeWork summer camp!

Links to Things Discussed in the Episode:
We Asked Gen Z to Pick a Name (NY Times): www.nytimes.com/2018/01/31/style/…ation-z-name.html

Episode 108: Ladybugs

The terribleness of the film is in direct proportional contrast to how FUN this episode is! Veteran cohost Claire Burns (No Such Thing As Love, ScaryMommy) joins special guest Iliana Inocencio (AzN Pop!, MTV Decoded) to…unpack this Rodney Dangerfield slash girl’s soccer slash cross-dressing “film.” It’s a journey. Join us!

Episode 90: Sixteen Candles

We did it. Oh my god, we went there. AMAZING and insightful guest director/producer Heidi Miami Marshall joins Celey and special host Claire Burns to discuss this SEMINAL film. Spoiler alert: it turns out you can be an absolute classic and still age horribly.

Episode 76: The Cutting Edge

Hockey player turned figure skater? A movie almost entirely of montages? Amazing. ALMOST. Celey has wishes, WISHES, of things she wanted this movie to accomplish. Claire Burns (of Travel Channel's Retro Eats) and Alex Otis (of sketch, improv and comedy writing) join in to revisit this Olympic romcom.

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Welcome back, #MichelleNation! Mich gets personal with her hilarious guests as they discuss eating disorders, "Long Island Medium," horrible dates, Panera Bread, and, of course, "Bachelor in Paradise." Also, Michelle opens up about her family, her career, and more. Join us for one of the funniest "Fresh Batch" episodes yet! P.S. Do we even care about Dean?

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Episode 67: Teen Witch w/ Claire Burns & Jessie Jolles

Never laughed harder about anything so objectively trash as this movie. That is the Venn diagram and we aimed to please. Performers, comedians, believers in love Jessie and Claire join Celey for a witching "good" time, some musical numbers, and popular boys.

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This week on Ghosted Stories, Chelsea (@thechelseawhite) and Erin (@erinleafe) chat with comedian, actor and host Claire Burns (@clairelbs) about getting ghosted by a guy who acted like they were in a 3 yr relationship after a few dates. Plus, Topical Sh**: We’re celebrating Halloween with real ghost stories (as in dead people haunting you)! Boo!


Happy Thanksgiving!! Regretsville is here to accompany you on your Holiday travels! Comedian Claire Burns joins Soren and Jolles to discuss her biggest regret: not having more recordings of her mom before she died 17 years ago. But before that, all three are itching to dissect their regrets of the week: Jessie’s salad wasn’t taken off the dinner bill, even when it was delivered after everyone completed their meal; Tracy massacres an ingrown hair on her boob; and Claire wishes she left 15 minutes early all the time.

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“36 Questions” is based on a study by psychologist Arthur Aron that explores whether intimacy between two strangers can be accelerated by having them ask each other a specific series of personal questions. In this podcast, we invite two strangers to get to know each other and record their conversation.

In this episode of the podcast, Claire Burns (www.claireburns.com) and Kyle Grubb (Instagram: www.instagram.com/grubbntug) meet for the first time.

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Trip has an anti-rom com ally in this week's episode and we discuss the overall animosity our guest, Claire Burns, has for the genre. We go in on Monster-In-Law and question why this is the role that brought Jane Fonda out of retirement. We discuss the delightful film The Proposal and why that film works for Claire. In this episode, Brick may be outnumbered but her passion for rom coms remains strong. Erin would like to note that her playwriting professor's name is Daniel Goldfarb, not Goldberg. Special Guest: Claire Burns.

The TALLcast presents Birthday Party Time Machine! 

Each week Cole Cook & Claire Burns host a birthday party for the cockamamie history books.